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Ah, fame. Between 1998 and 2005, I wrote a weekly email newsletter for Lands' End. When I took charge of the enterprise, circulation was 28,000; three short years later, the figure had grown to over 500,000. Click-throughs accounted for close to $6 million in sales annually.

Even more, these little stories from Dodgeville captured the hearts and minds of shoppers. Some weeks, my email in-box filled with over a hundred "fan letters." My work was the subject of stories in Catalog Age and DM News. Even NEWSWEEK gave a very flattering write-up, saying these folksy newsletters transformed customers into "virtual penpals."

If you're interested in some of the strategic thinking behind this narrative approach to marketing, my work was the subject of a MarketingSherpa case study, which is available here.

I'm presently reworking many of these stories into a book-length portrait of modern rural life. If you're a book publisher or magazine editor with an interest in such things, please drop me line.
Our speechless brothers

For Lands' Enders making the 40-minute commute between Lands' End headquarters in Dodgeville
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A man... a plan... an airplane.

Just a stone's throw down U.S. Highway 23, about a mile from our Lands' End homeplace read more »

Our Neighbor down the road.

There's always one neighbor who's the talk of the neighborhood.
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'Roo on the loose

Kangaroo sightings are to Wisconsin what sightings of Bigfoot are to the Pacific Northwest read more »

For love of tractor

Midwestern frugality being what it is, most farmers are loath to discard a well-used tractor read more »

The soda fountain downtown.

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The prairie out back

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The eats that squeak.

Toothsome nubbins of cheesy goodness. Shaped a little like popcorn, only big - big as your thumb. read more »
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